Agustine Martinez

Agustine Martinez (b. 1964, Mexico City) is a multi-disciplinary artist. His current style is papel picado or cut-out paper, a traditional Mexican art technique. The paper is cut by hand, in the style of well known Mexican artists such as Margarita Fick. Agustine finds his inspiration from daily life objects, traditional Mexican imagery or Mexican history. Each unique piece portrays family, friends or nature while acknowledging the importance and pride of his Mexican roots. Agustine also works with other media including printmaking, watercolor and collage.

In his extensive blacksmithing career, Agustine was commissioned by Prospect Restaurant in San Francisco to build chandeliers and a large mirror for the main dining room. Several one-of-a-kind pieces have been installed in private residences in San Francisco and Southern California. He is one of one thousand certified blacksmiths in the United States. He has also taught classes and done demos at Klockars Blacksmith & Metal with Tony Rosellini.

Agustine has lived in San Francisco since the early 80’s. He owns a house in Patzcuaro, Michoacan which allows him to travel to Mexico four to five times a year. He spends his time in Mexico taking photographs, visiting artist studios and traveling the country for inspiration.