Javier Manrique

Javier Manrique (b.1958, Tijuana, Mexico) is a San Francisco-based artist whose paintings are about the viewer’s place in space while his graphic work tends to be more of a chronology of time, using figurative images, archetypes, and symbols to give an idea of some situation within time.  In one of his recent series titled Ficciografías (Fictional Graphics), Manrique explores the concept of identity through a series of self-reflections and through the constant repetition of some memories. These reflections are taken to the paper and we, the viewers, are given a framework, a map, a territory, and a set of instructions to begin threading the constant journey of building our own identity.

Manrique uses various techniques including fresco, oil painting, photography, encaustic, and archival digital images.  He has participated in biennials for painting, drawing, printmaking and photography and multidisciplinary individual and group exhibitions in several countries including Mexico and the United States.  

Manrique began studying art in Humboldt County, CA then moved to Mexico to learn printmaking at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking (ENPEG), La Esmeralda, in Mexico City. He later earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute.  Manrique has taught the Complete Fresco Course at the San Francisco Art Institute and California College for the Arts.  Manrique lives in San Francisco and works in both the United States and Mexico. His primary residence is Project Artaud, one of San Francisco’s pioneering artists communities.