Moldy Smith

Moldy Smith (b. Guadalajara, Mexico, 1996) is a multimedia artist whose work often portrays herself in different fantastical worlds. The humor and cartoon-like visuals in her self-portraits utilize heavily saturated colors to represent her inner world and visions. She often finds a source of inspiration in Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman. 

After growing up in Texas and moving to Paris at the age of 19, Moldy Smith found her style and voice after coping with loneliness to create a world in which she could call her own. In most recent years, she has continued to push forth her visions and started to incorporate her art into her fashion business - Moldy Smith Clothing. 

Moldy has also been experimenting with video art and has created various pieces that play with the juxtaposition between the whimsical and crude worlds of pop culture. Moldy Smith lives and works in Paris, France.