Sergio Chávez Hollar

Chávez Hollar’s work tackles questions of language and identity by exploring the possibilities inherent in a universe of symbolic forms. His work draws on Mesoamerican sources - symbols, glyphs, codices, lexicons, and other pre-Columbian elements - subjecting them to modes of artistic expression more generally associated with contemporary life, such as matrices, stencils, and tagging.  In his recent work, Chávez Hollar seeks to reconfigure the image by subjecting it to a rigorous process of abstraction and fragmentation.

Chávez Hollar has participated in numerous group and solo shows throughout Mexico, Spain, Australia, and the United States.  He is an accomplished street artist and muralist.  His murals adorn both public and private buildings in London, Valencia, Mexico City, and Oaxaca.  Chávez Hollar has taught mural, stencil, and screen printing workshops in Mexico and abroad.